Giving back, how about personal coaching for 75% off during COVID-19?

So as coaches, as we’ve thought a bit on this, how can we make a difference in the lives of so many individuals and their families during this unprecedented time that we’re facing?

During this COVID-19 time, my team and I have decided to give away 200 hours of coaching services to our community. There isn’t a catch…it’s our way to serve, in the most effective way we know how.

It all starts with a F*REE values assessment and 30-minute coaching session with myself. Simply follow this link to sign-up –

This program includes a total of 5 hours per individual that can be in any combination of a resume, values assessment, and coaching around key components that will drive your success!

All for this for an investment of only $129! (doing the math, for everything that is included in this program, we would normally price this package at $997).

Coaching might be new to you. Well, offering a package like this is new to us too…not in our 35 years of combined coaching, have we done this before!

Follow this link for your F*REE coaching session and to get started today!

We have price of this package at a point that everyone can afford. Now is the time!

Career Transition Development

Kevin Tucker is CEO of Career Transition Development and has been trained by The Coaches Training Institute. A professional coach since 2004, Kevin has produced unprecedented breakthrough results with a wide spectrum of clients across the country. He is a 20-year career veteran with the U.S. Air Force and now serves as a veteran advocate. He can be reached at

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