A Navy Seal and a 90 Year Old Lady

What does a Navy Seal and a 90 year old lady have in common?

Plenty. But let me start with a disclaimer. Earlier this week in was getting ready to board a flight in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX to San Diego, CA. And as I pride myself on meeting new individuals everyday, this trip was no different.

First, in a busy “holding area”, as we all were waiting on a delayed flight, I had the privilege of sitting next to a lady, Helen, well into her 90’s. I got to hear about her life, her friends, her country club, her nursing home, and her late husband. Finally, it was time to board and I gave her my card…hey, she might a bingo partner one of these days!

Then, next to me on the flight was Mike, a Navy Seal. As we talked, I could only image some of the stories, some of the great contributions he has made for our country. Believe it or not, we even found some common ground in some of our travels! And seeing that he’ll be making a transition from the military soon, well you got it, I gave him my card!

The commonality? Networking. Yes, for someone that is in transition, we never know when or where our next opportunity will be! The possibilities are truly endless! A referral from a discussion with a 90 year old or even a Navy Seal that was coming home to his family, one never knows!

Even if it might be pushing the boundaries of your comfort level, I want to encourage you reach out. Yes, taking that next step in your career can be scary at times, even frightening… but making that most unlikely connection could be just what you’re looking for!

Kevin Tucker, Giving You Tools for Achieving Work-Life Balance, www.CareerTransitionDevelopment.com

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