Don’t Risk Making a Career Transition That Isn’t the Right Fit for You, a Move That Leaves You Unfulfilled or a Job That Pays You Less Than Your Worth!

Get Prepared for the Perfect New Job So That Your Best Skills and Strengths Gain You the Perfect Opportunities!

If you are making a career move, job switch or a total career transition, the last thing you want to be feeling is lost and alone in the process. And you certainly don’t want to settle for less, or stress out when the right opportunities don’t come along.

When you are unprepared, you have a sense of being rushed with your decision. This makes you anxious, fearing that the wrong move will mean you will be looking again if it doesn’t work out. Or that you won’t be able to make enough income to provide for your family.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone, or Settle for Less Than You Deserve!

Imagine what it would feel like to be using your natural gifts, unique talents and abilities to identify your ideal work environment. Career transition support can help get you back on track with your career development by helping you find happiness and security in a new job position that is rewarding on ALL levels.

Career Transition Coaching

Looking for your dream job? You may need help finding the right path to follow. That’s what career coaching is all about. Career Coach Kevin Tucker will help you find the RIGHT job that will impact your career and your entire life! He has been working with individuals, just like you, for over 15 years, making their dreams come true. Kevin’s programs provide you with the right path to follow by providing support, resources, connections and personalized coaching leading you towards success.

Military & Veteran Career Coaching

Serving Those Who Have Served! The true military bond of brotherhood is within each of us forever…to be there for each other. That’s why Kevin Tucker is honored to provide the best military and veteran career transition services available to you and your family. His passion to support runs deep, as he’s a 20 year retired disabled veteran, who personally experienced his own transition from military into a career with the support of a coach. This experience was so transformational that it inspired him to give back by becoming a coach, focusing on supporting military and veterans in transition. 

Career Transition Development Helps You With:

  • Clarity on your career goals, leaving you confident.
  • Support to find meaning in what you do.
  • Progress to move you past roadblocks.
  • Exciting new opportunities that allow you to move away from bad decisions and mistakes of the past.
  • Ongoing support, feedback and accountability.
  • Keeping you on track of your career goals.

Kevin Tucker is the founder of Career Transition Development. His approach includes career coaching along with guided mentorship and an optimistic creator. Kevin understands that you are not alone in your search because he’s been in your shoes. He’s transitions both as a professional transitioning from the military to a 10+ year corporate career in Human Resources. Then for some years as a career consultant with two of the country’s largest career transition firms, Kevin saw the mistakes that those in this situation make; Would you like to locate the career of your dreams too, finally? Let’s talk.I want my clients to feel so comfortable working with me, that it feels as if they are sitting on the front porch talking to a supportive friend. And my main goal is to give them the courage to finally find the career of their dreams.

Kevin Tucker

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